Brown Bag Fridays #2

August 31st, 2016 / uppercase

Brown Bag Fridays is a curated event by Uppercase, initiated by our own community member, Grace herself to act as a platform for our community to share their thoughts, something inspiring or even a roadblock that they are currently facing right now to see if the community can help solve or just to listen out. For our second Brown Bag Friday edition held on 19 August 2016, we were happy to have Yew Weng from Studio 25 share his perspectives on Memory, Time and Permanance.

Yew Weng is always known as the affable and cheerful one and when he is not busy working on his mapping projects, he has many interesting stories to share. For this Brown Bag Friday edition, he shared about the way he looked at the city and how the projects he is doing now helped him uncover some new things about Kuala Lumpur. He is amazed by the feelings that he had for the places that somehow was familiar to him but he realised how the phrase of ‘remember to forget and forget to remember’ is giving him a new idea or memory of the city-scape.

He then relates how memory works hand in hand with Time and he shared his own definition of Time and he believes memory is bound by Time. However, in his opinion he explained how he thinks that the possibility of older relationships or older memories might gain new meaning based on the present circumstances, and the importance of us letting it go and let it be to see what kind of memories can be formed in our mind.

The most memorable part of his talk was seeing how the project he is working on inspired and led him to where he is now. We couldn’t agree more when he connected the city together with the brain. He concluded his talk by saying that a city works similarly to our brain; memories are stored, hidden away from general views, tucked in some corner until someone stumbles or chance upon it and if we let it, beautiful things will happen and this is the essence that makes life interesting.