Brown Bag Fridays #3

November 2nd, 2016 / uppercase

The third series of our Brown Bag Friday took place on 28 October 2016, with Daecan Tee from POW Ideas sharing with us the importance of a prototyping culture.  For someone who is interested and has expertise in both architecture and product design,  he wanted to bridge and synergise both areas when pursuing his career pathway.  He shared that he firmly believes in getting his hands dirty, which is key to helping him understand the process of prototyping and making something. In his final year degree project, he experimented with bio-plastic made out of algae which he collected from the canals in London. This material was eventually used to make sunglasses frames. Throughout the process of collecting the algae and mixing it with other substances so it can hold better, he had to learn at every step of the way. From making many mistakes and learning from failures, this helped him to make better decisions in the process.

Indeed, this definitely applies to our daily lives as we attempt to problem-solve through trial and error, and test out various methods before arriving at the final product or outcome. Looking forward to the next Brown Bag Friday already!